• Reiki Level 1
    with Jana Castellano

    Reiki level 1 training with Jana and Jodi

    10 hrs:Learn the practice of Reiki with Jodi Holmes and Jana Castellano, Reiki Masters. Reiki is a gentle, natural healing technique that helps to restore balance and promote healing. Reiki treats the whole body, mind and spirit. While experiences are individual, after a Reiki treatment, may people feel uplifted, relaxed and enjoy a sense of peace. Reiki helps one connect to their inner peace.

    Jodi and Jana will lead students through 4 sessions of instruction with plenty of selfpractice using the Reiki hands on protocols. Students will practice giving and receiving Reiki. The training will also include many deeply nourishing guided meditations and sharing sessions. Students will be attuned to Reiki energy and leave this training with a thorough understanding of how this powerful practice can be used for their own self care and Self discovery, and for the care and upliftment of others. All are welcome!

    Some topics that will be explored: 
    What Reiki is — Different Uses for Reiki — History Of Reiki — Reiki Ideals — Study of Chakras, their meaning and function and how they relate to Reiki — A Review of Japanese Reiki Techniques including: Gasho Mediation, Byosen Scanning Kenyoku and Reiji-ho — Cultivating deep listening skills Guided meditations — How to bring Reiki into your Yoga practice Attunement Ceremony Hand placements for self practice and to treat others — Give and receive Reiki Reiki for pets, plants, food and crystals Journaling — digesting what we have learned and experienced


    September 7-8


    Saturday 1-4pm, 6:30-8:30pm
    Sunday 10-12pm, 1-4pm


  • WYC Pranayama and Subtle Body Anatomy course with Julia
    with Julia Pearring

    WYC Pranayama and Subtle Body Anatomy course with Julia

    18 hrs: Pranayama and subtle body visualization are traditional Yogic practices of great potency and inherent simplicity. Engaging our awareness of the full spectrum of the breath– from spontaneous breath to more active breath, reveals how the breath acts as a thread that weaves the seemingly separate body/mind/heart into one single tapestry. Subtle body visualization is an ancient yogic science that opens the door to deep movements and energetic relationships within our own being that are usually overlooked.

    Diving into our own practice on a more subtle level, as well as learning how to articulate and guide others, will be invaluable both as dedicated practitioners and teachers. Join Julia in 3 weekends of touching-down-within and together let's reap the resulting harvest of insight, clarity and joy.


    September 21-22
    October 5-6, 19-20


    Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm

    $425 for all three weekends, $155 per weekend*, registration coming soon

    *Note: we want everyone drawn to these trainings to be able to participate. If finances are a concern, there are
    payment plans and work study scholarships available. Scholarship funds come from our WYC community classes.
    Please contact us to see what is available.