• Urban Peace Retreat-Jan. 24, 2021
    The Urban Peace retreat helps us to practice the Art of Being. By slowing our doing and learning to listen, we can experience the deep essence of who we are. We will practice ways of revealing the creative energy and wisdom that lies within us all.

    This Restorative workshop will guide students into a deeply relaxing gentle Anusara yoga practice. Jacalyn will also include a handout with information from the ancient practice of Ayurveda to help bring your body and your mind into balance in these uncertain times. We will do practices and learn habits that will strengthen your immune system, calm your nervous system, and allow you to sleep more deeply.\
    Workshop includes:
    • Restorative yoga
    • breathing practices
    • yoga nidra (a deep relaxing guided meditation)
    • All levels are welcome.
    You will need a yoga mat, some blankets, yoga blocks and strap and comfortable loose fitting clothes. . If you do not have all these props we will find ways to improvise with what you have around the house.