• The Body Reveals 2020
    with Julia Pearring

    A course on philosophy and the body with Julia

    32 hrs: Wisdom from all ages reminds us that the truths of the universe are equally alive in our individual bodies. This is why the yoga sages guide us to know the absolute through the experience of our own Self. It is a process not of memorizing facts or scriptures, but of realizing the fundamental truths are present and supporting us in every moment. In this course we will follow two tracks inward to have this realization for ourselves.

    The science of Physiology- a holistic look at the organic processes and functioning that take place within the body to support and carry us forward.

    A journey into Tantra's scriptural texts- Yoga's sacred, revealed wisdom that awakens awareness of the reality of the Universe within the body.

    Each weekend, we will explore these two learning methods through a combination of lecture, discussion, guided meditations plus a 90 minute asana class.

    The course is suggested for teachers and open to all practitioners who want to deepen their understanding beyond the common knowledge of muscles and bones, and weave Tantric wisdom into an enhanced study of the intelligence of the body.


    Jan 11-12, 25-26
    Feb 8-9, 22-23, 29-Mar 1


    Saturdays 1-6pm
    Sundays 1-4pm

    $850* registration coming soon

    *Note: we want everyone drawn to these trainings to be able to participate. If finances are a concern, there are
    payment plans and work study scholarships available. Scholarship funds come from our WYC community classes. 

    Please contact us to see what is available.

  • Anusara Immersion

    The Immersion is the first level of a two year program that is open to all students, new and seasoned alike. Enter this program to discover the wisdom and transformational power at the heart of Yoga. The core teachings are based on the expansive philosophy of the Tantric masters which kindles new awareness. Participation will take your practices to a revelatory level and move your life forward.

    The immersion weekends include hatha yoga and meditation training, fundamental study of philosophy, group inquiry and the building of a committed community. In between weekends, through weekly hatha classes, inspired readings, and the ongoing guidance of the trainers, Immersion students remain in contact with the authentic essence of Yoga.

    There are no prerequisites for this program, however the Immersion is a requirement for those who plan to enter the 2020-21 Teacher Training.

  • Yoga for Strong & Healthy Bones
    with Susan B Rubin

    Yoga for Strong and Healthy Bones 

    March 7, 1-3:30PM $45 


    Yoga has many health benefits. It increases our range of motion, strengthens muscles, brings better balance and reduces stress and anxiety. But have you ever wondered if yoga has any effect on the very foundation of your physical  body—your bones?  Our bones are made of trillions of cells alive with universal intelligence, and their amazingly intricate interlocking structure forms the skeletal framework of the body that supports us as we journey through life. This workshop will encourage students to develop their relationship with their own essential Self through the awe and the effort that unfolds our highest potential for a conscious life.  

    While we practice a combination of focused postures that build strength, increase balance and help build bones we will reflect on the elegant principles that deepen connection and awareness.
    This workshop is for all levels of practice. Modifications will be offered for newer or beginner students. Our goal is to have an increased awareness of alignment and a new respect for the power of strong and pliable healthy bones. The workshop aims for you to take home a practice that will serve your highest aspirations for the body’s journey.