•  Second Education on Race: Seminars on Social Justice and Unity Awareness
    with Rudrani Farbman Brown

    These seminars are to awaken us to a deeper dimension in our education on racial issues. Hosted by Rudrani and taught by Tyrone. We acknowledge the incredible shifts that have begun and the collective willingness to inquire more deeply into the challenges. 

    Evenings will include a presentation on a topic, Meditation, Q&A and Sharing 

    SESSION #1 August 6th: What The History Books Left  Out: From Slavery To Mass Incarceration  

    SESSION #2 August 20th: What the History Books Left Out: The Unspoken Intent of neighborhoods and Zoning

    SESSION #3 Sept 3rd: What The History Books Left Out: The Illusion of Race, and the New Future; Business and Finance   


  • The Fundamental Wisdom-Teachings of the Yoga Tradition
    with Jodi Holmes, Eric Mann, Tezra Bryant, Rudrani Farbman Brown, Julia Pearring, Nina Edelman, Mariah Sanford White

    This course will be taught by seven of our WYC teachers, those who have studied closely with Rudrani. They have unique skills in articulating the wisdom teaching at the heart of our practices and the inner tools, on which we rely to move forward on the transformational journey. 

    Each evening will include a talk on the evening's topic as well as meditation, sharing and a time for questions.

    SESSION 1 August 9 Meditation on the Self with Rudrani 
    SESSION 2 August 16 The Nature of the Mind with Nina
    SESSION 3 August 23 Non-Attachment with Eric
    SESSION 4 August 30 Discrimination with Julia
    SESSION 5 September 6 Service with Mariah
    - SESSION 6 September 13 Transformation with Tezra
    SESSION 7 September 20 Taking Refuge in the Sangha with Jodi