• March 4th monthly Satsang-
    The Authority of Love
    In this time of divisive turmoil and social change, the notions we have about a world built on love and solidarity can feel like an ineffectual fairy tale— yet perhaps we can travel to the depth of the teachings on Love and its inherent moral authority in our lives and see what the great sages of Yoga said about Love. It is a power that demands exacting inner work, deep self inquiry and a strong commitment to internal evolution. The surrender of our attachments, our historic conditioning, and our limited notions of who we are, are part of this evolution. The teachings on Love are radical and revolutionary for this reason. 
    Let us examine this together and draw on the wisdom teachings of Yoga, on how to participate consciously and with authentic engagement in this period of human life on Earth.
    Beginners to meditation are welcome, friends and family are welcome… Let's explore this together.
    Enjoy an evening of high energy with Rudrani, the WYC Director. This monthly program includes group meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy, spiritual teachings and an exploration of the theme of the month. All are welcome. No prior experience needed.
    Assemble some props to support your meditation posture. If you are new to meditation as a practice, there will be instruction to support you. All are welcome.  
  • Advanced Reiki Training online

    WYC Reiki Level 2 Training
    World Yoga Center's Virtual Zoom Classroom!!
    Sept 26, 27 & Oct 3, 2020
    with Jana & Jodi

    Deepen and strengthen your connection to Reiki in this Level II training with Reiki Masters, Jodi Holmes and Jana Castellano. Reiki is a gentle, natural healing technique that helps to restore balance and promote healing. Reiki treats the whole body, mind and spirit. This level focuses on healing past and present wounds, mental and emotional healing and physical healing.  

    Reiki II students will be attuned to Reiki symbols and discover the power of Distant Healing. Reiki II attument deepens the relationship of the practitioner to Reiki energy supporting more effective service for the healing of others as well as themselves.

    Jodi and Jana will lead students through 3 online Zoom sessions of instruction with plenty of practice using the Reiki symbols and hands on protocols. Students will practice giving and receiving Reiki, and practice Distant Healing techniques. The training will also include deeply nourishing guided meditations and sharing sessions. Students will be attuned to Reiki energy and leave this training with a thorough understanding of how this powerful practice can be used for their own self care and Self discovery, and for the care and upliftment of others. All are welcome!

    Some topics that will be explored:
    What Reiki is
    Different Uses for Reiki
    History Of Reiki
    Reiki Ideals
    Study of Chakras, their meaning and function and how they relate to Reiki
    A Review of Japanese Reiki Techniques including: Gasho Mediation, Byosen Scanning
    Kenyoku and Reiji-ho
    Cultivating deep listening skills
    Guided meditations
    How to bring Reiki into your Yoga practice
    Attunement Ceremony
    Hand placements for self practice and to treat others
    Give and receive Reiki
    Reiki for pets, plants, food and crystals
    Journaling – digesting what we have learned and experienced


    Reiki Level 2 Training details: 


    Saturday and Sunday September 26th & September 27th
    and Saturday, October 3rd

    1-5PM each day for a total of 12 hours – all training hours are ONLINE in the WYC Zoom room

    Early bird pricing: $220 if registered by Sept 16th

    $240 after Sept 17th

    Sliding scale for students who are experiencing financial stress due to COVID. Reach out to Jodi & Jana to arrange this. 

    All Level 1 practitioners are welcome.  If you are already Second Level, you can always deepen your practice by taking the Reiki II class again